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Protect Your Eyes with High-Quality Sunglasses in Prince George

Aside from being a perennial source of coolness, UV-blocking sunglasses offer numerous protective benefits for your eyes. That is why Savers Optical is proud to offer a broad line of designer sunglasses in Prince George to keep you looking good for many years to come. Some of our most popular brands of sunglasses include:

Michael Kors
Nine West
Tory Burch
Dolce & Gabbana (D & G)
And many more!
kate spade

What You Don’t See Can Hurt You

Did you know that sunglasses should be worn even on cloudy days? It’s important to remember that ultraviolet light, while beyond the visible light spectrum, can still cause harm on sunless days. What many patients may not realize is that UV radiation can even be more severe on cloudy days. This is a phenomenon that has baffled researchers for years, though some theories point to the ability of water droplets to magnify the sun’s rays.

If you need sunglasses in Prince George, give Savers Optical a call today and see what shades suit you best!

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