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Contact Lenses in Prince George by Savers Optical Ltd

Don’t let eyeglass glare get in the way of your baby blues! Savers Optical in Prince George is a full-service contact lens shop, offering fittings and a selection of brands which are sure to catch your eye. Our licensed contact lens fitters can fit your contact lenses to your eyes and teach you how to insert, remove and care for your new contact lenses. This allows us to provide the lens that is most gentle to your eyes, and it removes a lot of the guesswork that many first-time contact lens-wearers experience switching from lens to lens.

Try Multifocal or Coloured Lenses and Accessories

Wear a bifocal or progressive? No problem! Book an appointment to try multifocal contact lenses. Have no prescription but want to change the colour of your eyes? No problem! Book an appointment today to try a wide variety of coloured contacts to change even the darkest eyes! We also offer a number of accessories to keep your contacts clean, safe and secure. Call our office today!

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